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Movie Date
“No.” Mako said sternly as he looked down at his girlfriend.
“Why not?” Korra whined. “The Lazarus Effect looks so good. Please Mako.” She begged, clasping her hands together and bending her knees a little to beg as the two stood outside the theater.
“Have you seen the reviews though?” Mako asked as he looked down at her. “They all said that the movie is bad. And besides, after the last horror film you made me see you kept scaring me and were too afraid to sleep by yourself for a week.”
“Well if the movie’s going to be bad, then you have nothing to worry about then.” Korra pointed out as she put her hands on her hips.
Mako sighed and pitched the bridge of his nose. “Why can’t we just see go see Unfinished Business like we planned?”
“Because I didn’t know that The Lazars Effect was still out.” Korra stated bluntly before pouting up at her boyfriend.
“Two for The L
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Costume Troubles
“Noooo!” Ama screamed out as she ran around the apartment in only her underwear.
“Ama, get back here! You can’t get candy in just your underwear.” Mako called out as he followed the four-year-old with her costume in hand.
“I don’t wanna wear it!” Ama protested as she continued to avoid her father in the small apartment kitchen.
Mako cornered his daughter and stared down at her sternly. “You picked out the costume young lady. Now you’re going to wear it or else you’re not going to the festival.”
Ama narrowed her blue eyes up at him. “I don’t want to be a dragon.” She said in the same tone that her father used earlier. Between his legs, Ama saw her mother walk in the kitchen doorway while holding her sister and decided to make a break for it. She ducked down and ran between Mako’s legs and went straight to hide behind her mother.
Mako tried to catch her during the quick dash, but only ended up
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Gliding Practice
“Are you ready bud?” Kai ask he took his stance.
Rohan adjusted his goggles over his eyes and tightened his hands over the snaps of his airbending suit and crouched down. “Ready!” The seven year old chirped as a brave and determined grin spread across his face.
“Ok, now remember what I told you,” Kai started, “Open the wings when you feel like you’re about to fall. Got it?”
“Yes sir, boss!” Rohan chirped once again, determination never leaving his face.
“Ok, here we go.” Kai said before bending a huge gust of wind down in a shaft usually used to test the strength of an airbender’s ability, but instead of pushing up a bolder that would be sitting on the vent on the other side, he launched the young nonbender in the air. Rohan scream and shouted with joy as he was launched into the air, laughter following him up. Kai smiled as he watched the little boy fly up in the air, laughing like a maniac.
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Things I Wasn't Suppose To Hear
“A toast,” Bolin shouted as he held his drink in the air, “to my dorky older brother who finally decided to hang up the bachelor life and tie the knot.”
The original Fire Ferret team were sitting in a booth in the back of a popular Republic City bar, celebrating the news that Mako was getting married.
Mako smiled from embarrassment as Bolin patted his back and messed up his hair. “Yeah, yeah calm down Bo, it’s no big deal.” Mako said as he fixed his hair back, combing it back to match the neatness of his uniform.
“No big deal?” Korra asked, a little surprised that her friend was brushing off this big milestone in his life. “You’re getting married Cool Guy! That’s awesome! It shows that you’re not going to turn into Beifong.” She added before taking a sip of her drink.
“Yeah, now you get to take care of someone else besides me.” Bolin added, patting Mako’s back again and getting a laugh
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Makorra: First Year12
The South Pole was just like how she left it. Cold, beautiful, and safe. It was still the same for her while her and her daughter slept snug underneath the plush comforter on her big, posh bed.
The rare sunlight shining through her windows soon made Korra squint her eyes open, to only close them tight again as she scooted closer to her sleeping daughter. The infant whined in protest a little when she felt her mother move her an inch, but soon yawned and fell back asleep, grabbing at the blanket over them with her tiny hands. After a few moments of peace, Korra felt something pull on her side of the blankets after hearing soft patter noises on the floor. Following the slight pull, sturdy footsteps walked up behind where Korra slept and then the pulling stopped when the footsteps stopped. “There you go baby girl. You know the drill.” Korra heard a familiar voice say after and she felt a dip in the mattress behind her. She then felt something crawl up behind her, pulling on th
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Selfie .:Watercolor:. by sasuke12234 Selfie .:Watercolor:. :iconsasuke12234:sasuke12234 7 5 Coolidge Tiger .:Watercolor:. by sasuke12234 Coolidge Tiger .:Watercolor:. :iconsasuke12234:sasuke12234 5 5 Marmaid and Her Land Boy by sasuke12234 Marmaid and Her Land Boy :iconsasuke12234:sasuke12234 27 15
Makorra: First Year11
“Do you have everything?” Mako asked as he walked out of the short hallway of his and his wife’s apartment, picking up a standing amber eyed infant as he did.
Korra was standing in front of the couch, looking over the neat piles of things her husband set up for  her while she was at a council meeting, trying to think if there was anything of hers that he missed. “I think so,” Korra said as she twisted her gold band around her finger as she thought. “Did you get all of the girls’ things? Bottles, diapers, clothes, --.”
“I went down the list and got it all. Don’t worry,” Mako interrupted before giving the slightly worried Avatar a kiss on her forehead. “Besides, if we forget something, I’m sure your mother can think of a solution or help us find a baby store in the South Pole.”
The couple were getting ready for a long boat trip all the way to the South Pole to celebrate their daughte
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MAKORRA: First Year10
“Come on Ama, just eat your lunch,” Korra begged as she held a spoon full of smashed up papaya in front of her chubby, blue eyed daughter. The ten month old looked between the spoon and her mother for a moment, her mouth closed shut before turning her head away and pushing the spoon away from her face. “Oh come on honey. I let a doctor cut me open so you could be born, doesn’t that tell you I love you?” Korra asked her daughter, receiving a shake of the infants head and another push at the spoon. Korra sighed and put the spoon back in the bowl that held the mashed up fruit. “What am I going to do with you? Ever since day one, you’ve given me trouble; first being stubborn and not following your sister out, then all the crying and being jealous when no one gives you all their attention, and now you refuse to eat just because I’m not daddy. You’re too young to have a rebellious stage.” Korra whined as she looked
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MAKORRA: First Year9
“You sure you’re ok with this?” Korra asked as she raised an eyebrow at her sister-in-law and bounced Ama in her arms.
“Yeah, I got this Korra. It’s not it’s my first time taking care of a baby.” A very pregnant Opal responded with a smile as she looked at her niece Anali and poked her little upturned nose, making the amber eyed infant giggle. She then looked at Korra and moved her hand to rub Anali’s back. “Besides, Bolin will be back soon from picking San up from daycare.” She finished with a shrug of her shoulders.
“I’ve actually been meaning to ask you about that,” Korra said suddenly as the mention of daycare reminded her of her waiting question. Both sensing that the talk might be long, the two then walked over to the nearby couch in Opal and Bolin’s living room and sat down. “Ok, you know how mine and Mako’s schedules are a little hectic and busy, right?” Korra s
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Legend of Korra Ships by sasuke12234 Legend of Korra Ships :iconsasuke12234:sasuke12234 7 2
Rising Ashes
A/N: I’ve been wanting to do a Katniss!Mako heavy Hunger Games crossover since I became obsessed with Korra and the Hunger Games at the same time. I’ve just always been nervous about what people would think about me making Mako the main person, other than Korra. I hope I’m not kicked out of either fandom after this. Also, I’ve very passionate about this crossover, so if anyone wants to help me make it as awesome as it can be, please let me know.
1. Reaping Day –
It was his last year, but not his brother’s. All he could think about was how to protect his only living family from this horrible day.

The day was unusually hot, which made the mines a living hell to work in. He walked out of the dark tunnel after his shift, coal dust all over his face and sweat running down. All he wanted to do was to go home, put his feet on the table, rub out the knots in his neck, and check if his little brother his alive. On the way, he decided to go throu
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Fall Sparks9
“Why do we have to be up this early?” Bolin whined as he walked out of his parents’ garage with his jacket half off his shoulder and dragging his book bag behind him. “The sun’s not even out yet.”
“We’re up this early because we have to pick up Korra at her class. Sorry, but if you hate this so much, you should tell her to stop sending her sorry excuse for a car to the shop.” Mako said as he walked out in front, fully awake and ready to go, and unlocked the door to his car. “Be happy that we didn’t have to take her to her class.”
Bolin groaned in response and he climbed in the front passenger seat of his brother’s black SUV. As Mako threw his book bag in the back seat, Bolin reclined the passenger seat all the way and tried to fall back asleep. “Bo, Korra’s going to need room to get in.” Mako said as he just stared at his little brother.
“You can still stare at her if s
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Makorra: First Year8
“Should I cut my hair again?” Korra asked unpredictably after she freed a brunette strand from her daughter’s hands.
It was another rare weekend with no interruptions from work and both Mako and Korra decided to just spend it in their apartment with their now, very mobile daughters. The family of four were sitting in the master bedroom, Korra sitting on the bed while helping her daughter Ama stand up while Mako was standing at the foot folding some laundry with their second child peeking over the comforter close by.
“What brought that up? I thought you liked having your long hair again.” Mako said without taking his eyes off his task and nearby daughter.
“I do.” Korra shrugged as she moved her hands from under Ama’s arms to her hands. “I’m just starting to miss just waking up and not having to do anything with it. Whether I put it in a braid or in a ponytail, it’s still too much work. And brushing it is sta
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Your Hair
“I cannot believe you!” Mako said sternly, just going over his usual tone, after he closed the interrogation room door and walked to the other side of the only table in the room.
“Nice to see you too City Boy.” Korra replied in a not-so-amused tone as she slouched a little more in her seat. “Why can’t I bend myself out of these cuffs?” She asked as she lifted her wrist a little, the chains rattling with the movement.
“More criminals started to learn metalbending so we had to switch them out for platinum ones.” Mako replied as he opened up a folder `and flipped through it as he sat down. “I can’t believe it. Three years and you still pulled the same crap you did when you first came to Republic City.” He rubbed his forehead and sighed in frustration. “Exactly the same stuff.” He mumbled as he read of Korra’s case file.
The morning went by so fast. Korra walked off the boat and met with Jinora and he
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Card 01: NaruHina: Are you warm? by mattwilson83 Card 01: NaruHina: Are you warm? :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 224 54 NHC-minisodes 56 - Intellectual? by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 56 - Intellectual? :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 207 111 NHC-minisodes 55 - Better Boyfriend? by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 55 - Better Boyfriend? :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 205 131 NHC-minisodes 54 - Water bill by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 54 - Water bill :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 208 135 NHC-minisodes 53 - Meet the fox! by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 53 - Meet the fox! :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 291 121 NHC-minisodes 52 - Tsunades Answer! by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 52 - Tsunades Answer! :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 171 100 NHC-minisodes 50 - What they want to see! by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 50 - What they want to see! :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 223 70 NHC-minisodes 49 - Have Respect by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 49 - Have Respect :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 232 121 NHC-minisodes 48 - BookSmart by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 48 - BookSmart :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 162 87 NHC-minisodes 47 - A hated Chore?! by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 47 - A hated Chore?! :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 198 132 NHC-minisodes 46 - and the winner is... by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 46 - and the winner is... :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 198 153 Naruhina: Lovely walk by mattwilson83 Naruhina: Lovely walk :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 204 18 NHC Volume 24 by mattwilson83 NHC Volume 24 :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 145 28 NHC-minisodes 45 - Don't kill him! by mattwilson83 NHC-minisodes 45 - Don't kill him! :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 206 105 Wind by chacckco Wind :iconchacckco:chacckco 857 25 Caballeros by chacckco Caballeros :iconchacckco:chacckco 728 16




After looking through everything for some time and receiving some comments from people, I will not deactivate my account. But, I will remain inactive on here since I just don't like uploading things on here anymore. Also, ALL LEGEND OF KORRA STORIES ARE DISCONTINUED. So, please don't ask me to continue them on here,, Tumblr, or AO3. If you do, I will give you a copy and paste response here and if you ask me on my other, current stories on my other formats, I will block you. I just can not stand the fandom anymore and can not write for my ships anymore. I have tried with no result. But, if you still would like to keep up with me on my more active platforms you can follow me on Tumblr (main, disney, and stories),, and/or AO3. I will tell you that all my recent stuff is for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, so if you leave rude comments on any of the stories or talk about other fandoms in your comments, you will be blocked. I'm just getting really tired of the rudeness I see on them because of my sudden leave (or rejection as what some people have said) from the LoK fandom. I really hope none of this upsets anyone and that you understand where I am coming from.

Have a great day/week/month/year,

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